Development of an Active Living Trail
from Water Street to Katy’s Cove

Saint Andrews Van Horne Trail


UPDATE: October 14, 2016 - Saint Andrews, N.B. – Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

Upgrades Announced for Van Horne Trail in Saint Andrews
Government of Canada Supports Accessible Trail







UPDATE: July 7, 2016

The newest section of the Van Horne Trail was officially opened on Canada Day and the paved trail is now more than two km long. The trail follows the old railway track from Langmaid Park to the far end of the causeway by Katy's Cove.

The 8ft wide active living (non-motorized) trail opened in 2014. It is easily accessible for not only walkers, but those in wheelchairs or pushing strollers, as well as cyclists.



The ribbon cutting took place on Canada Day by the president of the New Brunswick Trail Council Jim Faurnier, St. Andrews kiwanis Club president Guy Groulx, New Brunswick Southwest MP Karen Ludwig, Chamcook resident Mike Fitzgerald and Mayor Doug Naish.



Make a personal contribution by adopting a meter!

Support the Saint Andrews Van Horne Trail by adopting a meter and have your name or the name of a loved one engraved on the Prosperity Monument.




For more information contact:

The Kiwanis Club
of St. Andrews

550 Water Street, NB E5B 2R6
Tel 506 529 3439

Thank You for Adopting A Meter!
MacQuoid Grandchildren $1300
Laurie Taylor and Guy Groulx $1000
Timothy & Ellen Foulkes $1000
Sharon McGladdery
& Malcolm Campbell
Eric and Teri Drake $1000
Kurt Gumushel $1000
David T Johnson $900
Jamey & Betsy Smith $500
Joseph Harrison $500
Donald Menton $500
Lee Sochasky $200
William R. Henderson $200
Nana (Christine) Cage $200
Lloyd & Nancy Portnow $200
Terry Maynard $100
Brenda McLean $100
Jill & Rob Little $100
Shelagh Connors $100
Susan & Vernon Lankisch-Lister $100
Hugh Graham & Barb Sheen $100
Rosalie Staples $100
Fred and Barb Purton $100
Andrew Harrison $100
Chris "Smiley" Gowan $100
Stan Choptiany $100
Sylvia Humphries $100
Lesley O'Leary $100
Waterfront St. Andrews $100
St. Andrews
Chamber of Commerce
Craig and Jenny Smith $100
Richard Tarn $100
Andrew & Lara Cooper $100
Shawn Robinson & Lesa Pomeroy $100
Kate and Franklin Cardy $100
Kurt Gumushel $100
Jenna Lynn Sullivan*** $100
Alan & Leona Golding $100
HMS Transportation $100
Rhiannon V. Iles $100
Jean Flewelling $100
Paula Cooper-Berthke $100
Alexander Lively $100
David Ridgway $100
Chris "Skronger" Kohler $100
Sue Sirr (Tidalzone Cottage) $100
O'Kane Teaghlaigh $100
Stephen Morgan $100
Sue Corbyn & Chris Frantsi $100
Vaughn & Mary McIntyre $100
Sarah Jordan $100
Blythe Chang $100
Tom & Dianne O'Neil $100
Ellie Weidlich $100
Ella Irwin $100
Sarah Jordan $100
Dave & Jan Johnson $100
Brian & Susan Cummings $100
George Needler $100
Mary Needler Arey $100
Donald Feeney & Nancy Ross $100
Aubrey & Jean Smith $100
Mrs. G. Iris Cummings $100
Reid & Jeanine Hurley $100
Vernett Smith $100
Thomas Goulding $100
George Needler $100
Mary Needler Arey $100
Mrs. G. Iris Cummings $100
Tom O'Neil $100
Eric Gozna $50